Our Pre-Collection program consists of a series of letters on Collection Associates letterhead that refer the debtor to you for payment of the account.
You control the communication – great for client retention
*LOW* cost per account. NO COMMISSION – minimal expense for collection
Sold in prepaid coupon booklets – ready to send when you want them
One coupon per account – easy enrollment of account
No expiration date on coupons – can be used at your convenience.


Submit accounts by mail, fax or electronically
We make every effort to work with debtor before taking legal action
We take a firm but fair approach that includes: notices, phone calls, asset searches, skip-tracing, litigation and continued follow up.


If a debtor files bankruptcy while the account is in collection, our office will submit bankruptcy claim forms and provide follow-up to ensure that you get as much of a return as possible.
We do not accept accounts that have been included in a bankruptcy prior to entering our collection program.

Check Recovery

This division of Collection Associates is designed specifically for the collection of non-sufficient fund (NSF) checks. We add a Check Recovery Fee to the amount of the check that the debtor pays. Upon collection of the check, we remit 100% of the check back to you. If it is necessary to take legal action, we will remit 60% of the amount collected. Checks can be submitted by mail or establishing a “Bank Route System” where your bank sends the NSF checks directly to our office.

Self-Pay Solutions

Let us represent the caring face of your health care organization.  We understand your customers because we live, play and work in rural communities.  We know how important these relationships are to your success. Our professional staff will represent the face of your organization, caring for your patients and their families in the same respectful, kind and caring way your own employees would.  You will see increased cash flow, decreased bad debt, and reduced days in accounts receivable. 

Periodic Reporting

We want you to be an informed client and will provide you with up-to-date status of all accounts periodically as requested. The Status Report reviews debtor, assignment date, payment history and status of each account. Another tool to keep you informed is our remittance statement. Each month you are due a remittance, we provide a statement explaining each payment. This Statement includes: date of payment, debtor name, status of the account, the amount of each payment, and the amount remitted to you.

Accounts Receivable Review

Accounts receivable risk is an unfortunate part of doing business. You can minimize your risk by collecting information from your customers before granting them credit and by utilizing an Accounts Receivable Policy. We can help you with this as part of our service.